• As a Web Designer, is it Necessary to Know Image Editing?

    What is image editing software? The definition is pretty simple. Software which is used to edit photos or images is known as an image editing software. They are used to modify and sometimes create pictures and photographs. Photos being a static picture as opposed to a video. Some of the most widely utilized image editing software are Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, GIMP, etc.

    Now, as a web designer, is it required to be proficient in image editing? Not necessarily, but it sure helps. There isn’t any harm to learning something new.

    We believe it is essential because a few designers seldom don’t know how things operate at the code level. They often have to resize, crop, or break images apart into separate files. Knowing how to use image editing software such as Photoshop would be handy during these times and will be a beneficial skill under your belt. Photoshop still is the standard for UI design, with Sketch being on the horizon to maybe becoming the new standard. Illustrator is also great for UI design but not typical. Nevertheless, it’s not wrong or anything.

    Although Photoshop isn’t a necessity for web designing, what makes it so useful for those who offer web design services is its versatility, considering how many other design applications come and go. It lets you create nearly anything, from logos, simple photo edits, image manipulations, to complete website animations and mockups. The jack-of-all-trades quality that Photoshop possess is why it remains a popular program for newbies and experienced designers alike.

    Photoshop’s real strength lies in its photo editing, although it does a bunch of other stuff as well. One reason you might go with Photoshop for web design is the one-stop effect – there’s an advantage in having the ability to do heaps of things such as photo editing in a single app.

    Photoshop is excellent for any aspect of web design requiring photographs – imagine photos accompanying blocks of copy or hero images. If you’re skillful in Photoshop, it can be a fabulous way to do initial explorations of various types of pages. Current builds of Photoshop allow multiple artboards which match with modern screen sizes, produced efficiently as part of a single document. Though in this time and age, there are a plethora of better and faster prototyping tools.

    It’s interesting to see Adobe react to newer, nimbler, web design-focused apps without decades of cruft, for example, Bohemian’s Sketch app (Adobe launched their Sketch-like tool, named Experience Design). Depending on what you’re attempting to accomplish with designing for the web, one of these tools may be an excellent place to start.

    The idea is that you, as the planner, don’t usually have the decision with regards to selecting outline programming. Every aspect relies upon what your clients require from you.

    Regarding graphic design, not just UI design – Yes. Photoshop is necessary. However, some graphic designers are not fond of using it, and that’s fine. But you as a web designer still need to be knowledgeable of handling it when required. Designing in itself is a skill. You must understand the image processing, colors, typography, and tons of other similar things. And as you are working on the design, software know-how is an absolute necessity.

    We hope this helps. All the best and happy learning!