Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Certified Digital Marketing Course for those who want to be Digital Marketing expert in just 90 hrs. Are you aspiring for a jump-start career in Digital Marketing? Then you have landed on the Right Page!!

The revolution in the digital industry has brought changes in the entire online industry and the advancement in the technology has resulted in the emergence of  Digital Marketing Course which is gaining popularity among a large number of young aspirants.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Trends

This course is for everyone who aims to understand the key elements of building an effective digital marketing career and want to do this Digital Marketing Course Pitampura where you can explore great job opportunities after completing the course.

Why you should attend this course?

Basically, Digital marketing Course Delhi is a practical course that will give you a fair understanding of the ways you can enhance company’ online presence. It is a marketing method to boost company’s online presence and to make its goods and services more presentable, or in similar words, we can say that we are promoting the business with the help of internet.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course 2019

Since the number of companies using digital marketing to promote their business is increasing, the demand for the professionals in this field is also increasing thus bringing more opportunities to professionals in this industry.

The scope of Digital Marketing in India is so vast that is expected to generate greater than 20 Lac jobs per year.

What you will learn?

  • The students will be able to create or improve a program for that will improve digital media effectiveness
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for the company
  • Pay per click (PPC)marketing including Google AdWords
  • Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc.
  • Partner marketing including affiliate marketing
  • Online advertising including ad networks and behavioral targeting
  • Able to deliver email marketing and build Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Process

 Web Developer & Web Designer

You can become a web developer who will be in charge of creating amazing websites that will be useful in increasing the online presence of the company across the globe. As a web developer/designer, you will be responsible to design, code and make changes in the existing website as well. Prior knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS and web programming will add feather into your cap.

Digital Marketing Course

Web Designing

 SEO Executive/Expert

The companies are looking for the SEO executives who can promote the company’s website and can be useful in increasing Google ranking of the website as well. As an SEO executive, your role is to search user-friendly keywords and research about SEO tools as well so that the company’s remain at the top position when being searched by the tentative clients or students.

Digital Marketing Course

Seo Friendly Website

 Other Roles

Besides, the above-mentioned roles or designations you can have after completing your Digital Marketing Course Delhi, there are many other career opportunities which you can explore as a profession and that includes:

  • Analytics Manager
  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Director
  • PPC Search Manager
  • Email marketing specialist
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Google AdWords specialist
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Online reputation manager
  • Web Analyst
  • Mobile Marketing Manager

How much you can earn?

We all dream to have a great career ahead that can give us name and fame as well and by doing Digital Marketing Course Rohini , you can surely achieve both things within a shorter period of time.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Web developer/designer- 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum
  2. Social Media Manager- 3.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs
  3. SEO analyst: INR 1.5 lakhs to 3.0 Lakhs per annum
  4. Digital Marketing Manager- INR 3.5 lakhs to INR 4.5 lakhs per annum
Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

The scope in Digital Marketing is much wider than your imagination and the getting an attractive salary is an important aspect which you should consider to foray into this flourishing sector. Besides, an attractive salary, you will be offered a vast learning platform that will prove to a milestone in your career.

Digital Marketing Course

Traditional Marketing vs Content Marketing

Also, you can become freelance and can take Digital marketing Jobs in any of the abovementioned profiles.

Since you don’t require a special education degree to explore your career in Digital Marketing industry, all you need is your dedication and support of mentors that can help you in learning this course in an easier and more understandable way.

Digital Marketing Course

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

If you are also passionate about learning this Digital Marketing Course Online, then you can join Edigital Marketers to learn the latest trends of the online industry at the most affordable prices. The fees is INR 32,000.

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      Duration 4 Months
      ELIGIBILITY: Computer Basics
      COURSE FEE: ₹32,000
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      Edigital Marketers Certified Digital Marketing Course in Rohini devises and offers advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini and is well-known for its Unique Course Content that includes:

      • Smart Lectures
      • Code Alongs
      • Live Projects
      • Smart Exercises
      • Research Assignments
      • Interactive Slides
      • Course Relevant Downloads
      • Learning through Reading
      • Paid Tools

      …and much more

      Smart Modules by Edigitalmarketers How Can I help You

      • as an Entrepreneur;
      • as a Digital Marketing Manager;
      • as an Internet Marketing Expert;
      • as an Ad Manager;
      • as a Market Analyst;
      • as an SEO Expert…

      …and the list will Continue!

      1. Content Marketing
      2. Search Engine Optimization
      3. Search Engine Marketing
      4. Social Media Marketing
      5. Social Media Advertising
      6. Email Marketing
      7. Marketing Automation
      8. Analytics
      9. Integrated Digital Marketing

      1. Website Creation
      2. Website Optimization
      3. WordPress
      4. Divi-Builder
      5. Elementor

      1. Search Campin
      2. Display Ads
      3. Sales Campin
      4. Leads Campin
      5. Video Ads
      6. Shopping Ads
      7. Remarketing

      1. Facebook Marketing
      2. Instagram Marketing
      3. Youtube Marketing
      4. Pinterest Marketing
      5. LinkedIn Marketing
      6. Twitter Marketing
      7. Viral Marketing

      Duration (3 Hours)

      • Understanding lead generation
      • Why is lead generation important?
      • Understanding landing pages
      • Understanding thank-you page
      • Landing page vs website
      • Types of landing pages
      • A/B testing
      • Converting leads into sales
      • Leads nurturing

      1. Email Tools
      2. Email Campaign
      3. Email -Advertisement
      4. Tricks to Collect Email ( Email Generater )
      5. Template Creation
      6. 100+ Template Creation with Live Projects

      1. Photoshop
      2. Illustrator
      3. CorelDRAW
      4. Video Editing
      5. Image Optimization

      1. Google Search Console
      2. Google Analytics
      3. Google Adwords
      4. Google keyword planner tool
      5. Google Algrothium

      1. What is Seo
      2. On page
      3. Off Page
      4. Keywords Planing
      5. Image Optimization
      6. Local Seo
      7. Search Engine Marketing

      1. E-commerce Marketing
      2. Affiliate Marketing
      3. online reputation management
      4. AdSense
      5. Startup Business
      6. Freelancer Projects
      7. Job Profile Creation

      1. MailChimp
      2. Ahref
      3. Ubersuggget
      4. Duplicate Content Checker
      5. Seo optimization
      6. Ranking Checker
      7. Yoast

      1. Intern
      2. Google Adsense
      3. Amazon
      4. Bing
      5. EDM Certification

      Duration (3 Hours)

      • Understanding Mobile Devices
      • Mobile Marketing and Social Media
      • Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing
      • Key industry terminology
      • Creating mobile website through WordPress
      • Advertising on mobile (App & Web)
      • Content Marketing on mobile
      • Mobile strategy-segmentations option targeting and differentiation
      • SMS marketing
      • Creating mobile application
      • Uploading mobile app in Android and iOS

      Duration (3 Hours)

      • What is Affiliate Marketing?
      • 3 A’s of Affiliate Marketing
      • How people make millions of dollar in Affiliate Marketing?
      • Affiliate marketing history
      • Changes in Affiliate Marketing industry over the year
      • How to be a super affiliate?
      • Different ways to do Affiliate Marketing
      • Affiliate marketing secrets

      Duration of Certified Digital Marketing Course in Delhi (3 Hours)

      • What is AdSense?
      • How to get approved for AdSense?
      • Cool trick to get AdSense approval by Google
      • Using your AdSense account interface
      • Placing ads on your blog
      • Creating blogs with our FREE theme
      • Then we will share 1 secret method through which you will make money with AdSense

      If you have any query related to Certified Digital Marketing Course in Rohini please feel free to contact us anytime.