UI UX designing course in Rohini

UX helps you to optimize any design for the purposes of the project and to encourage some behaviors and experiences in the potential users.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two terms which are growing in the field of Web & App layout Design & Development.

With the increase in the use of the internet, users are investing more and more time on websites and mobile apps and thus designing an interface with rich user experience is very important. This is, however, creating a career and learning opportunities in the web designing industry.

Websites designing and Digital design for Apps are getting complex as nowadays every user is associated with a number of display devices. Most importantly offering a common solution to all resolution will not work at all.

User’s happy reactions are always the key point to consider similarly User’s unhappy reactions makes a huge difference too. However, a course like responsive web designing creation still generating opportunities in the market but Above all including learning UX can result in wonders.

The objective of the course is to introduce advanced UX tools and processes in the form of user research, individual client histories, visual composition standards, information architecture, prototypes and various types of tests.

Our UI UX Institute in Rohini, near Pitampura metro station is the best choice for students across Delhi who want to learn & expertise this course.

The practical UI – UX courses are led by industry certified instructors. Contact us to reserve your place. 3 months of free class with the lowest price possible. Certified courses Packages along with many payment options available.

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    Duration 4 Months
    ELIGIBILITY: Basics of Computer/
    English language
    COURSE FEE: ₹32,000
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    We have the finest digital designer, Analytics Expert, and Creative Coder have a handful of experience between art, design, and interactions. These professionals will teach you the essentials of Mobile App layout design.

    Along with concepts and case studies, you will get the in-depth knowledge of the practical tools like Adobe XD and InVision. Our tutors are expert UX & UI Designers with all-round experience with these tools. We have trained over 200+ people in UX education since 2018.

    Why join UI UX course in Rohini Lets explore!

    UI UX designing course in Rohini

    Lowest Price Guarantee: We understand the market conditions and thus we know our prices are quite fair.

    Experienced Instructors: We have Instructors with years of experience in the industry to ensure successful leap to your knowledge, refinement, and development.

    Special Attention: We offer one-to-one mentoring by professionals to improve the ability of future designers

    Benefits from UI / UX Designing Course

    Joining UI UX Course in Rohini, close to Pitampura, can be led to complete the upcoming challenges in the digital design industry. We offer the process of designing across the UI UX research with practical exercises in the UI prototype. This course will help you in understanding what user experience design is, how you can create a more effective user-friendly website/mobile app or desktop application.

    Course Overview

    This course is for the design professional, developer, product manager, marketing, analytic professional or decision-maker who want to take their skills to the next level and want to gain confidence in the UI/UX market. In conclusion, every system needs ROI and thus, the combination of our theory sessions along with Practical and application exercises helps our students in designing the best conversion journey within any app.

    Concepts & Implementation

    • Elements of Design
    • Colour Theory
    • Content Management
    • Introduction to HTML & CSS

    Design Implementation

    • Design First Approaches
    • Colour Harmony
    • Overview to Digital Screens
    • Photoshop for Digital Media
    • Brand Understanding

    UX Design Fundamentals

    • SDLC – System Development life cycle
    • Design Thinking
    • Mobile User Experience (UX) Design
    • Research & Development
    • Buyer’s Persona
    • Audience and Rationale
    • Goals and Outcomes
    • Product Design

    Wireframe / Proto type (Rough)

    • User flow
    • Sitemap
    • Mock ups

    UI (Visual Design)

    • Introduction to UX and UI
    • Raw Layout Drawing
    • Tools
    • Shapes or Icons or Pictures
    • Colours
    • Typography
    • Interaction Points
    • Style Design – Style sheet


    • Mobile First Approach
    • Responsive Designs
    • Different Layouts
    • Web design as Interactive design
    • Interaction design & CTA
    • CMS & Implementation

    Analysis Tools

      • Performance Testing
      • Interaction Testing