• Hike Your Brand Awareness with Social Media Ads

    Social media marketing is vital since it can heighten your traffic exponentially. We Listed five of the most utilized social media sites in digital advertising.




    The most famous of the social media sites, created and still managed by Mark Zuckerberg, is necessarily the most influential tool you can utilize in your digital advertising campaign for selected goods, services, and special offers. According to current reports, there are more or less 1.3 billion people that are active Facebook users monthly – that’s a LARGE market. That’s an extensive amount of audience you can reach for your business.


    We recommend to create a professional Facebook page for your business and, consequently, use said platform to promote your trade. This program is a chance you should not miss as this medium is for free; albeit, to efficiently use Facebook, it is smart to begin a paid advertising strategy for lead generation, to command top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA), and to establish custom audiences and lists to market to in the future. It is a potent tool to take advantage of to grow your income and boost your company’s visibility online to a broad and targeted customer base.




    There are 302 million current users of Twitter, and there are approximately 500 million tweets posted each day on the platform according to HubSpot. It is apparent by the numbers and statistics that this social media site can be an active tool for your digital marketing campaigns. According to issued case studies, users of this specific site consume an average of 3 hours/month in posting and reading content online.


    We advise tweeting one to three times a day, experimenting advertising investment dollars to grow your audience, and promoting the messaging that surrounds your corporate culture, with regards to your product or service offerings, ultimately closes the loop for users that favor this social media network. These users are exploring Twitter for their research validation to spend money with your organization, so make it count.




    This tool is handy for attracting and finding successful sales leads. LinkedIn does not only work as a social media platform but lets you connect with different people, possible customers, and clients to expand your professional network. Moreover, the platform is excellent for optimizing profiles, content and published articles for ranking in the search engines for target keyword groups. This site is a more reliable way of dealing with people in the field of business, further, as you can vet people rather instantly given the intelligence rendered from connections, organizations and comparable attributes through LinkedIn.


    According to Mashable, there are over 300 million active users on the platform and assessments say that people residing within the United States own 100 million LinkedIn accounts. Unofficial research statements also reveal that as of May this year, site membership rose by 21% reaching to 380 million. We advise your business to create a professional page, post on it for two to seven times per week and to hire a brand influencer to write articles directly on the LinkedIn platform.


    Google My Business


    According to Forbes Magazine, Google My Business (GMB) is a useful tool you can employ to boost your presence online. It allows you to post not only your contact information but also lets users list their business hours, along with locations, through Google Directions and Google Maps. We suggest you build your account, claim your GMB at your site by their postcard mailing system, and direct visitors to your page to give reviews and make feedback citations to your business. GMB is excellent for brand exposure, local SEO optimization, and to funnel traffic to your website.




    Creating a Yelp account can assist your business in increasing brand awareness according to a Local SEO Company in Washington, DC. This advertising medium lets consumers post their reviews, comments, and suggestions for your business. Similar to GMB, it is important to claim your Yelp listing, lead customers to post reviews and to build engagement about your value proposition, culture, and to express the intangible about what makes your business extraordinary.


    Try amplifying your content beyond social media to produce new Earned Media. According to Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising study, owned and earned media are amongst the most trusted methods of advertising.


    Luckily, you have a lot of choices. Many content amplification tools are readily available to drive your video, blog, social media, and virtually all other content you produce onto the screens of your clients. You can spread your content via social sharing tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. You can pay for promoted tweets, LinkedIn ads or even Facebook ads.


    So there you have it. These are just a few of the social networking platforms you may utilize to increase awareness and influence of your company or brand. We hope this article has been helpful. All the best and as always, happy learning!

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