• How to be an Entrepreneur with Amazon Seller Portal

    The Amazon partner retailer account is an inexpensive and excellent vehicle for both businesses and individuals alike to expose their products to a global customer base, find niche market buyers, and ultimately increase top-line sales. A standardized Web platform offers partner retailers additional benefits through low-risk, secure and efficient business transactions that keep customers coming back for more. Fortunately, it’s easy to become a partner retailer.


    There are several methods to source profitable products to sell on Amazon. Some sellers follow traditional business models, like selling products they make themselves or reselling wholesale goods. But many sellers reach beyond conventional means and source products in a variety of creative ways.


    Amazon is the world’s leading marketplace, and it is easy to start a business on Amazon. Okay let’s break this down regarding how you can start earning by using Amazon:


    Choice 1: Sell as a merchant.


    When you sell as a merchant, you are taking a product you have and listing it on Amazon’s site. You are responsible for shipping it out and making sure your customers are happy. Mainly you are using Amazon to facilitate the sale and to get access to a broader market.


    Choice 2: Sell on FBA


    Like selling as a merchant but on crack. You take your products, and you ship them to Amazon’s warehouses where they will sell and ship the products for you. They make a more significant cut, but there are a lot of benefits that come with it, such as having access to prime customers and reimbursement for scams.


    Choice 3: Amazon associates


    Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. It’s not that great as it used to be. The commissions are not as high, and unless you have a massive audience, it can be tough to generate enough sales to make a living. With that, this is the lowest risk option. Free to sign up and you don’t need to put any money out for products to sell.


    Choice 4: Merch by Amazon


    Amazon’s t-shirt business. You upload artwork and if the t-shirt with your artwork sells you get paid a royalty. The royalties are decent, and if you have consistent good sellers, you can make decent money. The problem is they only allow a certain amount of new users at a time, and we are also not 100% sure about what happens to your intellectual property when you upload it to Amazon.


    That’s the four main ways to get started. There is more detail the deeper you get in, but these are the nutshells.


    There’s a lot of work to do when you sell on Amazon, in fact, it’s a full-time job. It is challenging yet doable, and that is the reason competition is still high. You can also make money by smartly playing by the rules. Usually, sellers fail because they spent most of the time in research and gathering vital data for their and competitors’ listings which in itself is a full-time job and you don’t leave with time and energy to perform most of the essential tasks.


    Nowadays, you can get this job done quickly by using Amazon research and tracking tools to gather all the business intelligence needed to make your Amazon business successful. Take it seriously and use the smart seller tools to stay in the competition and make money on Amazon. Don’t spend time on research and tracking while you can do it using available intelligent tools. You can use that time and effort in formulating business strategies.


    We hope this helps. All the best and happy learning!

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