• Which is Best to Increase Online Traffic on your Website? PPC or SEO

    You Actually Would Be Needing Them Both.

    We think you’ve already known about PPC (pay per click) or “Paid Search” if your company depends on traffic from the web. It is one of the critical ways to direct traffic to your site, and it creates wonders when coupled with SEO (search engine optimization). If you are still utilizing SEO as your only marketing tool, you must think about your marketing strategy because your rivals might already have.

    We are not saying that SEO is not useful. What we are trying to say is to not rely on it independently, but rather to copy what other numerous successful internet organizations are employing and that is a complementary and mixed search engine marketing campaign. This approach still uses SEO to rely on internet spiders and carefully placed keywords. It also accesses online public relations, valuable paid search, and other policies.

    The solution is that a varied and integrated approach can boost your business through the sky without waiting for a lot of time. However, this quick start, if appropriately managed, can be sustained, so that success is possible long-term. A thoughtful balance of online marketing approaches can also be cost-effective, leading to a mixture of low costs and high income. That’s a perfect combination.


    Search engine optimization initially came about as an answer to Google, Bing, and other search engines, which employ secret formulas and internet “spiders” to rank sites for each search. Business owners and website designers somehow managed to know their methods to get their websites higher in rankings in these search engines, adopting specific keywords in calculated rhythm over a site.

    SEO works, and it is still an essential part of any web marketing campaign. A few specialists claim that up to 60 percent of all clicks to a given website is because of SEO. If your keywords are reasonable, these clicks are profoundly valuable web surfers, which means users that are looking for exactly what you’re selling even if that is just a matter of “selling” your brand. This success-rate is known as “conversion.”

    And the conversion rate may continue to be high because of its organic nature, meaning customers do not think that it is all targeted to them. They believe the search engine just happened to send them your way.

    Despite its high conversion rate, though, SEO has its drawbacks. For one, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes tons of research and best if a company that specializes in SEO handles it. It is a highly specialized work to turn your web page content into a keyword-dense SEO matter that is still readable, and this can come at a hefty price, especially if you have a more extensive site. What’s more, you’ll have to wait for the return on investment. It can take from three to six months before you see any progress on your conversion rate. Also, search engines are continually evolving, and modifications take place all the time. Trusting fully on an SEO only approach means you’re at the mercy of the search engines. If an update occurs and you suddenly find yourself on the 4th page your business can suffer. Attaining a balanced approach and trying not to put all your eggs in one basket may help ensure your business’s future.


    With paid placements, there is no change in the formulas. Your ads always display when a web surfer types in a given keyword. And you can assure yourself more coverage than your adversaries by merely paying the search engine or other marketing vehicles more money.

    It utterly makes a lot of sense to use PPC with SEO, and not without it. Paid placement can be handy while your SEO program is still under construction. Once your SEO is giving results, you can determine the right balance between SEO and paid ads to maximize quality hits on your site.

    If you put all of these together, of course, it requires a “formula” of its own. It solely depends on your specific business needs, and your particular customer, what dimensions of every kind of marketing must make up your overall plan. But with the arrival of SEO, PPC, and online PR, at least your business has excellent options to use.

    We hope this helps. All the best and happy learning!

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