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Do you know, Why do we need an effective Social Media Marketing Courses in Rohini? Currently, there are more than 3.03 billion active social media users in the world. Out of a total of 7.7 billion humans on Earth? It means almost half of humanity is scrolling their news feed and posting something on the internet 24 hours.

Social Media Marketing Course in Rohini

Nowadays, people do not use social media only to catch up with friends. They are actively using Social Media Marketing Strategy to engage with brands which is why Your company should concentrate on a full proof social media strategy.

E-digital marketers offer Social Media Marketing Courses in Rohini, which covers all the strategy that an organization needs to grow up.

With social media now becoming an important and integral part of every business organization. The opportunities in this domain are growing huge. There are various institutes that offer Social Media Marketing Courses in Rohini at an affordable price.

Let’s understand how businesses can benefit from a well planned and managed social media strategy.

 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Nowadays people use the Internet to research products and services before paying for them. The search is not limited solely to Google but extends into various social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you have an inactive social media profile, it definitely portrays a very dull image of your company. An active social media profile with recent updates and good feedback. However, immediately creates a positive impression in your patrons’ and prospects’ minds.

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    Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

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    Duration 1 Months
    ELIGIBILITY: Basics of Computer/
    English language
    COURSE FEE: ₹10000
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    Over 100 hrs of course content to be an Expert Dgital Marketer The Course Curriculum

    This course is also unique in the way that it is structured and presented. The course includes:

    • Lectures
    • Code Alongs
    • Projects
    • Exercises
    • Research Assignments
    • Slides
    • Downloads
    • Readings

    Safe landing with Digital Marketing How Can I help You

    • as an Entrepreneur
    • as an Digital Marketing Manager
    • as an Internet Marketing Expert
    • as an Ad Manager
    • as an Market Analyst
    • as an SEO Executive

    Duration (12 Hours)

    • Understanding Facebook Marketing
    • Increasing fans on the fan page
    • How to do marketing on the fan page
    • Fan engagement
    • Facebook advertising
    • Types of Facebook advertising
    • Best practices for Facebook advertising
    • Understanding edge rank and art of engagement
    • Creating a Facebook advertising campaign
    • Advanced Facebook advertising using tools like Qwaya

    Duration (3 Hours)

    • What is LinkedIn?
    • Understanding LinkedIn
    • Understanding LinkedIn groups
    • How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups
    • LinkedIn publishing
    • Company pages
    • Adv. on LinkedIn
    • Display vs text

    Duration (6 Hours)

    • Understanding Twitter
    • Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: Tweet Deck, Klout, PeerIndex
    • How to do marketing on Twitter
    • Advertising on Twitter
    • Creating campaigns
    • Types of ads
    • Tools for Twitter Marketing
    • Twitter Advertising
    • Twitter Cards


    Duration (3 Hours)

    • Instagram Marketing
    • Pinterest Marketing

    Duration (3 Hours)

    • What is online reputation management?
    • Why online reputation management is need of hour
    • Understanding ORM scenario
    • How to deal with criticism online
    • 10 Online reputation management Commandments
    • 15 ways to create positive brand image online
    • Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation
    • Step by step guide to overcome negative online
    • Best examples of online reputation management